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ANSYS AutoReaGas

AutoReaGas, which is owned jointly by Century Dynamics and TNO of The Netherlands, is a specially developed 3D CFD based software for modeling gas explosions and subsequent blast effects. It is particularly designed for scenarios where there is significant congestion (pipework and equipment) and confinement (from structures, including vents) which have significant effects on the flame acceleration and thus the resultant overpressures.

AutoReaGasAutoReaGas is widely used worldwide by many consultants, contractors, operators and researchers involved in safety and risk analysis of both offshore (including platforms, FPSOs) and onshore (chemical and power plants, mining and transportation) facilities. Importantly, AutoReaGas has been validated including during the well known BFETS tests where blind predictions were most favorably compared with test results.

Where there is an interest in the blast response of equipment or structures, AutoReaGas results data can be readily exported to structural analysis software such as our AUTODYN (explicit) and ASAS (implicit) structural analysis software.


     \\ home \ products \ ansys \ autoreagas \   

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